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What is Botox?

-Botox is an injectable wrinkle muscle relaxer.
-It reduces the appearance of facial wrinkles.
-It is considered a safe and effective treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

When’s the best time to get Botox?

Although many people begin receiving preventive Botox Treatments in their 20s and 30s, there is no certain age at which you should begin. Instead, pay attention to the problems with your skin. When you first notice fine lines starting to appear, you should consider getting BOTOX.

Megan – Yelp Review

I visited this med spa for Botox. Not only do they have incredible office hours but they had the best pricing in town. I am completely satisfied with my results, I like my eyebrows to be lifted and everything else smooth and mission accomplished! Dr. Carolyn was helpful with my other questions and was welcoming and really nice to chat with. I will definitely be back.

Ashley – Google Review

Been trying to find a good Doctor that wouldn’t try to oversell me. A lot of them do. This is the third place I have gone since I moved here to Hawaii and by far the best one. I know exactly what I want. Went to the Ohana medspa to get some Botox in my crowsfeet. The experience was great. Dr. Carolyn is very knowledgeable and did not try to oversell me. Going back to get PRP done and I can’t wait!

Carolyn – Google Review

 I have seen Dr. Carolyn for several treatments. I wouldn’t go to anyone else. My daughter has also seen her for lip filler. If you are looking for a tailored, less-is-more approach, Dr. Carolyn is your girl! Kelly who also does waxing and facials is also the best and just so sweet. She makes you feel so special and loved. My only complaint is that I didn’t find Dr. Carolyn sooner!

Dynamic Vs Static wrinkles

Dynamic wrinkles – these develop from repeated facial movements. If you pucker your lips around a straw frequently, for example, you might get lip lines. 

Static wrinkles – these result from a loss of elasticity and the takeover of gravity. Wrinkles that come with jowls are static.

Dynamic wrinkles can become static wrinkles over time. Fine smile lines morph into more prominent nasolabial folds from our cheeks lose plumpness and do a slight plummet in middle age. – Healthline.com

Where do you inject?

Botox treats the following areas:
-Forehead lines
-Crow’s feet lines
-vertical lines between the brows
-v shape
-vertical lines around lips

Where can you get Botox?

You can get and achieve your goals in Botox at Ohana Medspas. You’ll be administered by Dr. Carolyn who’s physician, highly trained and experienced professional. 

Note: If you’re considering getting Botox treatments, you should schedule your first session as soon as possible. You’ll need at least two weeks between sessions to allow the effects of the previous injection to wear off.

How many units can be used during the Botox treatment?

The number of units used during a Botox treatment can vary depending on the specific areas being treated, the desired outcome, and the expertise of the healthcare professional administering the treatment. Botox is typically measured in units, and the number of units required can vary for different facial muscles and treatment goals.

It’s important to consult with a qualified healthcare professional, who can evaluate your specific needs and provide personalized recommendations for the number of units required for your Botox treatment. They will assess your facial anatomy and discuss your desired outcomes to determine the appropriate dosage for optimal results.

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